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”Working with Don helped remove all resistance from my path and restored my focus on the goals I have always set for myself. Positive changes happened almost immediately!”

Chelsea Handler
(Executive Producer, Best Selling Author, Director, Actress, Comedian and Star Of “Chelsea Lately.”)

“Working with Don helped me overcome all obstacles and helped me to realize exactly what I wanted out of my life and career!”

Joe Manganiello
(Executive Producer, Writer, Director, Actor, Comedian and Star Of “Spiderman,” "Magic Mike" and “True Blood.”)

“Don helped me take the play that I always had in my mind and turned it into a reality. Within one year I went from having an idea to starring in LA’s most successful comedy, which became a Broadway Hit that opened in every major city ongoing and now a Feature Film I Directed!”

Brian Fogel
(Executive Producer, Writer, Director, Actor and Comedian who Created “Jewtopia,” The long running Broadway Play and Feature Film.)

“Don is an Ascended Master who knows exactly what you need to do in order to manifest God’s Abundance readily. The time I shared with him helped me get straight to the point and my life has flourished ever since!”

Mike Perlin
(Executive Producer, Writer and Director Of “The 3 Magic Words,” a Spiritual Dispensation Film Starring Neale Donald Walsch, Author Of ‘Conversations With God.”)

“I was led to Don as a result of a friend of mine who released intense grief in one phone call with him, which took place through the miraculous intercession of God’s Angels! My friend was an atheist before this and through subsequent sessions turned her entire life around instantly!”

“I didn’t know what I wanted necessarily other than change for the better. Don  guided me through a simple shift, helping me remove all of my soul blocks, which enabled me to begin attracting everything I always wanted in life but through graceful occurrences, which were natural. I am married to someone I love, have a beautiful family and an abundant career from home because of Don’s guidance! “

Cindy Aims
(Media Advisor)

“Don’s method’s will help anyone begin manifesting in the Now!”

Rick Millikan
(Executive Producer, Film and Television Casting Director of “Bones,” “The Guardian” and “The X – Files.”)

“Don helped me to ground my awareness and focus, which helped my success!”

Rebecca Cardon
(Executive Producer, Writer, Director, Actress, Comedian, Host and Television Fitness Personality Who’s Appeared On “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” Star Of Bravo’s “Work Out” and “The Amazing Race Season 6th.“)

“After working with Don I released old patterns of awareness and have never felt more healthy and productive in my entire life!”

Kyle Cease
(Executive Producer, Writer, Director, Actor and Comedian. Star of “Not Another Teen Movie” and was voted Comedy Centrals Number One Comedian of 2009.”)

“Don helped remove all the anxiety that gets in the way of feeling your best,  which led to instant improvements in my life and career!”

Melanie Reno
(Executive Producer, Writer, Director, Actress, Comedian and Comedy Central Special Stand Up Comedian.)

“Working with Don has improved every facet of my life: career, relationships, my physical health. I have great excitement and enthusiasm for life having experienced great faith and trust in myself and my relation to all things!”

Graham Shiels
(Executive Producer, Writer, Director, Actor and Comedian. "Star Of Yes Man", "True Blood", "CSI Miami" and "NCIS Los Angeles".)

 “I gained a great sense of calm, resolve and focus through Don’s healing sessions. I highly recommend them!”

Claudia Maitlin-Harris
(Executive Producer, Writer, Director, Actress, Comedian and Star of Television’s “Ladies Night Out.”)

“Don’s Miraculous Healings removed all the calamities in my life, which included miraculous turnarounds with my husband and family. I have recommended him to friends and co-workers, whose lives have flourished also!”

Cindy Seinberg

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