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Spirituality involves the understanding that we are all connected to an invisible Source that is beyond our own intelligence and with whom we can have a relationship. Some people call this Source God, Goddess, Allah, Cosmic Consciousness, Tao, All that is, or Lifeforce. Whatever you want to call it, this Source is both inside and outside of us and its never in one place since it has divided itself into everything. As individuals we have the free will to either open up to the Source’s healing energies, which can further expand our consciousness, or we can choose to separate ourselves from its love through varying degrees of ego based consciousness. This Source can provide us with happiness, joy, peace, and bliss. It can give us guidance and healing energies that reinvigorate us. By tapping into this Source there is no limit to how much a person can benefit. The only limit being what they put on the relationship. There are two different ways in which I perform Spiritual Healings. The first is when energy is transferred to the person who needs it most by the laying on of hands during a “reiki” healing session. This healing energy comes from the Source and is directed through my humble self, where I am a channel for the energies being administered unto the client. This type of healing can help people on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level in order to restore a person back to their natural healthy state. During the treatment a client may feel heat coming from my hands or a tingling sensation that can carry throughout the entire body. Afterwards, people feel relaxed and peaceful.

Reiki healing is very powerful and has been known to cure many people from all kinds of chronic illness and disease. It can also be great for a broken heart, depression, or just a little pick me up when you’re not quite feeling your best. I also perform reiki healing on pets which works really well at restoring them back to their happy self.

The second type of Spiritual Healing that I offer is through various guided meditations, which are geared toward tapping into the Source for healing on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level, rather than just the subconscious level like hypnotherapy. Having a guided meditation, with the intention of tapping into your spirits guidance is a must for anyone that truly wants to balance and heal themselves on every level of their being and realize their full potential in life. It takes a little work to peel away the many layers that separate your ego based mind from the loving energies of the Source, but it’s the most rewarding work that you will ever do in you entire life! During this process, I can be likened to a spiritual detective in that I will be helping you put the puzzle pieces together that spirit gives you as clues that will guide you into the deeper nature that makes up your dynamic self. In addition, I will be helping you understand how to properly navigate the path that will best help you achieve the state of consciousness that you desire. This is where conversations about synchronicity, mysterious coincidences, contacting your true self, higher self, and your new found flow come into play.

When a person is connected to their spirit and their Source, they have full faith and trust that everything is part of a divine plan that they are co-creators in. They don’t feel alone in the Universe, and have a source of guidance and support that can dispel any anxieties, nervousness, confusion, doubt, or worry. They are self confident, secure, safe, unconditional with their love, and maintain a level of peace that is unshakeable. Everyday is a good day and their level of bliss is ever expanding and travels wherever they go like their own portable heaven. In order to reach these states a client must first understand that tuning into their spirit and Source is a science that can produce real results so long as their willing to conduct the experiment. I love teaching people how to merge their consciousness with their spirit and Source since they don’t have to believe in anything they don’t first feel within themselves. Once a person understand a few simple meditations they quickly realize that faith is something that starts out as an internal experience of peace and happiness and then begins expanding all throughout their body and life.

Many people who go down the spiritual path have had major turnarounds in their lives. They feel that having a relationship with their spirit and their Source provides them with moral support, courage, hope, and faith for them in whatever they set out to do.
The ultimate goal of Spiritual Healing is to show each client how they can heal themselves by raising their own life force using simple meditations that they can do the rest of their life. The same goes with Hypnotherapy, the only difference being the level of depth and expansion that someone is interested in achieving. For instance, a client might just want to get rid of a bad habit that is keeping them from being their best- in this case I would suggest Hypnotherapy as the best option since habits typically are not rooted that deeply in one’s consciousness. In another case, a client may be depressed and feel completely lost in life. In this case I would suggest Spiritual Healing in order to put them back on the fast track. This isn’t to say that Spiritual Healing is only for sever life draining issues; it can be for anyone wanting to take the next step forward in their life. Anyone and everyone is undergoing their own Spiritual Healing as they go through life, no matter how high or low they are, the only difference is that once you start incorporating guided meditations you’re on the fast track to reaching your highest potential.

Some of the various guided meditations involved with Spiritual Healing are chakra clearing, past life regression, spiritual regression, meeting and working with your spirit guides and contacting your higher self. Angel Healing could definitely be considered Spiritual Healing although I did put that in a separate category on the home page.
Many healers including myself believe that the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies must all be working in perfect harmony in order to maintain positive health. Any problem- whether it is a broken heart, arm, or depression needs the power of healing on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels in order to restore the balance of the person suffering. The main reason why it is necessary to address a person on so many levels is because it is believed that sickness first develops in the mental and emotional body or even in the deeper area of the spirit, which is where healing needs to happen first. This is not nearly as complicated as it sounds, since your spirit knows exactly the kind of healing that you need, all I have to do is lead you to the place were your spirit can do its work.

Suggestions for developing a better relationship with your spirit and Source.

1. Join up with a local church or spiritual organization.

2. Read as many spiritual books as you can. Some of my personal favorites are by Paramahansa Yogananda, who wrote the spiritual classic “Autobiography of a Yogi, Man’s Eternal Quest, and Second Coming of Christ.” Others are “A Course in Miracles,” “Emotional Clearing,” by John Ruskan, “The Celestine Prophecy,” by James Redfield, “ Love Without End” by Glenda Green, or anything by Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer, and Dr. Joshua Stone.
3. Meditate and pray regularly. The meditation CD’s that I have listed on my home page are based on years of private sessions which have helped numerous people change their lives. Practice my CD’s and begin changing your life!

"I was led to Don Boland as a result of lingering grief over the very premature loss of my mother. I had spent two years crawling out of what I considered a very deep black hole. Following her death, I experienced a level of anxiety that was completely overwhelming (and uncharacteristic) to me. And frankly having the anxiety itself made me more anxious! It was a very vicious cycle for a long time. I tried traditional therapy, medication, herbal remedies, acupuncture, books, journaling and on and on and on. I certainly acknowledge that the cumulative benefit of all of those treatment options led me to be the most open and willing recipient of Don's healing; which earlier on in my grief may not have been the case. However, regardless of what came first, last or in the middle, it was Don's healing which put me back in a place where I felt alive and human - a feeling I was nearly certain I had lost. I wholeheartedly believe in his work and am forever grateful to him for walking me down the stairs and to the place where I could let my anxieties pass through thus allowing my positive thoughts to be the guiding light through my day. "

- Maggie Jacobson

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