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The Spiritual Healing CD Series Package

My combination of Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Healing is powerful and it may be the answer you have been looking for. This program is a result of more than 10 years of work with client’s one on one, to find out what works, what creates power, and free will choices on the highest level. Spiritual Healing works because it creates a belief in your mental, emotional, and subconscious mind that determines how you react to old triggers. Even more importantly it helps you raise your life force and contact your Spirit which is the secret weapon that will overthrow anything negative in your life.

If you really want to change your life from the inside out then the above sessions will put you on the fast track, since they each focus on an important aspect of self growth. Spiritual Therapy works because your Spirit is truly the foundation which you’re mental, emotional, and physical body is built on. It is the Master so to speak with everything else being the servant, but unfortunately most people have this relationship backwards and they are victims of their own short comings which they helped create in the first place. Put up the internal Spiritual battle in order to win yourself back and live the life that you were meant to live.


The Spiritual Healing CD Series Package
Get all 7 spiritual CD’s


The Violet Flame Meditation CD

Perhaps one of the most powerful meditations there is. A guided meditation using the relaxing and healing attributes of the Violet Flame. Both beginners on the spiritual path and those that are advanced can benefit greatly from this session, as it has helped numerous people change their lives from the inside out. Through the use of the Violet Flame meditation, a person can not only gain a greater sense of well being, but through continued practice, they can become completely connected to their Source and their true self state of ever new joy. A must for anyone that is serious about removing old energies and thought patterns that prevent them from opening up to a greater reality.

Have you ever wished that all of your fears, phobias, negative behaviors, and mistakes could all of a sudden vanish into thin air? The Violet Flame can actually do this through the process of transmutation, where negative energy is turned into positive energy, darkness into light, “fate” into opportunity. The Violet Flame also has the ability to literally erase the negative karma that we have created in the past through our errant use of free will.

The impersonal law of karma states that whatever our past actions have been, whether they are good or bad will come back to us full circle until we are able to confront and transcend all of our imperfections. As a general rule, most people work towards balancing their karma by adopting a selfless attitude towards living life and helping others. Others balance their negative karma through diseases and other forms of personal suffering, which are just outer manifestations of unbalanced mental, emotional, and spiritual states. But through the use of the Violet Flame the process of transcending these old karma’s is rapidly increased since it is able to transmute, mitigate, or burn up all our negative karma before we have to face it. In other words, it’s like a get out of jail for free card, except that you have to do a little work.

The Beach Meditation CD

In order to maintain a greater sense of well being a person must regularly practice meditation. Meditation is the science of withdrawing your senses from the world into the calmness of your inner self. For many people it can be extremely difficult to sit still for even a few minutes due to all of the chaotic thoughts that start running through their head. In order to counteract these thoughts this session will help guide your senses to the beautiful images, sounds, and smells of your favorite beach that can only be described as paradise. You will feel like the ocean is right in front of you just waiting to take all of your anxiety and stresses away from you. It has been proven that what you imagine and visualize being real has the same physiological effect on you as if it were actually taking place right in front of you. Once you start visualizing yourself meditating on the beach you will see how powerful your mind really is at creating peace. Practice this meditation often and you will discover for yourself that everyday of you life can carry with it the wonderful feelings of having a day at the beach. This session makes meditation fun which is the way it should be.

The Chakra Cleaning Meditation CD

There are seven major chakras, or vortexes of energy in the human body. Each chakra corresponds to different energies and emotions in a person’s life. If your chakras have never been cleaned through the use of your mental energies, while in meditation, then your energetic body can be likened to an instrument that is out of tune, which will definitely affect your overall mood and physical well being.

The ultimate goal is to have every chakra wide open and operating at its highest function and vibration, while at the same time being connected to the energies of the earth. Each chakra needs to be balanced, energized, and properly spinning. Whenever all of the chakras are properly tuned and functioning in unison the entire energetic vibration of a person’s body will be raised up and attain a new level of well being.

Unbalanced and Blocked Chakras = life issues and illness
If all of your chakras are not vibrating or spinning properly then you will be unable to raise the collective consciousness of your physical, emotional, and mental body to a higher spiritual level. Many times imbalances in our chakras are brought into this life from our past lives. Since your spirit is your true identity, any imbalance in its chakra system will just carry over into your physical body as emotional, mental, or physical imbalance and then into your life. Almost all illness is caused by poor chakra health.

When your chakras are blocked or spinning slowly, then your life force becomes weak and you lose your spiritual connection. You may feel depressed or have low energy, unable to think clearly, nervousness, and anxiety. You may get angry easily, fearful, lack self- confidence, overcompensate, feel irritable, and have a negative outlook for no reason. You may feel that you have no control over your mind and your emotions. All of these are indications of core problems that reside at the chakra level.

The good news is that whenever you do have chakra imbalances that it is just a spiritual test for you to realize that you are completely capable of raising our life force and spiritual energies up to their next healthiest state in order to fix this problem. Don’t be stuck in a reality that is anything short of perfect health and was never meant to be yours anyway. Practice the chakra healing meditation and let your body be the instrument it was created to be.

The Angel Healing CD

Don’s work with the archangels and angels is done on a non-denominational basis in order to help a person better heal and integrate themselves in all aspects of their life. Working with the angels can help a person get the necessary divine guidance they need in order to make important decisions and gain closer contact to their spirit and Source.

Everyone has guardian angels that are just waiting to be of more assistance in their lives. These most beautiful beings of love and light perform God’s will and are capable of bringing amazing changes in our minds, bodies, emotions, finances, family, relationships and others.

During this session, you will be guided to a deeper place where contact with your angels is made possible due to the calm and clear state you will be in. If spirit is willing, you will be able to look, listen, and open up your heart in order for your angels to manifest themselves with a clarity that requires no proof. You will know that angels are always with you and they exist.

Being skeptical can be one of the biggest blocks to achieving higher consciousness and a renewed sense of self. Having an open and inquisitive mind is always the key to love, wisdom, and enlightenment. Working with your angels will get you off the fence from wherever you’re sitting in life all you have to do is make the first move.

The Past Life Karma Eraser CD

This amazing session has truly helped people change their lives on the deepest level imaginable. Somewhere sometime, we’ve all made errant use of our free will, which continues to affect the life we’re leading in the present. Open up to your spirit’s guidance as it takes you on a journey of your past in order that you may confront and transcend old experiences that are impeding your spiritual growth in the now.

Discover what influences from the past are affecting your life right now so that you can let go of the blocks that may be holding you back. This session offers a very gentle and skilled approach at allowing your spirit to guide you into the experience that will help you heal the most on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

During this session you may experience a past life which really took place or you may experience a metaphor that will help you out with your current situation. Whatever experience spirit unfolds will be perfect for your healing at this time and this session will provide you with numerous opportunities for further growth since no two past life regressions are the same. Untangle yourself from the past and live freely today!

Removing Negative Energy CD

Negative energy is something that we mistakenly take in from our environment and other people as well as being something that we actually produce within ourselves when we have mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances that are not being addressed correctly. Every one of us has negative experiences in life it’s just a matter of how you deal with them. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the proper tools to release these old energies which then become stuck in their consciousness like a knot in a tree. Once these energies, beliefs, and thought patterns make their way into your consciousness they then begin sprouting roots, which branch off into various other problems which seem to run circles around our abilities to isolate and remove them.

This powerful session is a great compliment to the Violet Flame Meditation CD since they both remove negative energies but in two very different and effective ways. This session will help you identify and remove the negative seeds which have been planted in your consciousness through the errant use of free will, which give birth to negative thoughts, emotions, stress, anxiety, bad habits, and even addictions. It’s one thing to be in control of your physical body, but calming the restless desires that stir just beneath the surface is another story. This session is a must for anyone that is serious about reclaiming their power on every level of their being.

The Temple of Wisdom CD

In this session you will be guided to an imaginary temple where you will meet a very wise sage or spiritual master. In this temple you will have the opportunity to ask questions to this wise being and get answers to many life issues including health, relationships, financial, self growth, your future, etc.

Each one of us equally contains all the answers to our deepest questions, but we’re all at different levels of being able to access this information depending on our state of consciousness at the time. Being guided to your Temple of Wisdom can have a profound effect on a person. Each time you use it you will find that there are new issues that your sage can give you perspective on, so they can be resolved in a healthy and natural way. If you are finally ready to stop listening to your negative ego and all those conflicting tapes that often try to gain airplay in your head, then this session is perfect and will speed up your growth as much as you allow it.

I’ve heard many people’s success stories when it comes to their experiences in the Temple of Wisdom. Many people have mentioned being visited by loved ones from the past, Spirit Guides, Saints, and Ascended Masters from long ago. I love this session since you never know who’s going to show up and you can never have enough friends on the good side helping you out in life.


The Spiritual Healing CD Series Package
Get all 7 spiritual CD’s

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