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Would you like to attract the person you were meant to spend the rest of your life with?
-Do you feel you have tried to change your mental state toward attracting the right person in your life but you are still experiencing resistance, blocks, and limitations?
-Do you have the willingness and desire to create a successful relationship but you always seem to fall short?
-Do you feel you are lacking someone special in your life who would help you grow spiritually and experience a whole new depth of love?
-Are you looking for someone special but can’t seem to find them using your current methods and approach?
-Is having a soul mate relationship something you truly believe you can’t go the rest of your life without having?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you are ready to begin breaking down all of your mental, emotional, and spiritual barriers that block you from naturally attracting the soul mate you were meant to be with.

It is no mystery that certain people attract deep and loving relationships while others just seem to attract misery. Simply put, the more a person is connected to their heart and soul, while manifesting this connection as actual deep feelings of love and joy, the easier it will be for them to express their true loving nature and naturally attract the soul mate that will help them build a loving relationship.

This powerful CD set contains four amazing sessions which will help you free yourself from fear of receiving unconditional love, remove old emotional blocks, and begin manifesting the soul mate you deserve.


First you will go into the past in order to release any past beliefs and emotions about love that may be sabotaging your efforts toward attracting the perfect soul mate in your life.
The most amazing benefit about going back to the past is that it helps us find clues which explain our issues with attracting the right person into our lives. By remembering them we can confront and transcend their importance, and release the stuck pattern of energies. By going back to the past, we can find the root causes of our mental and emotional issues regarding our worthiness of receiving unconditional love and attracting the right person into our lives. Once found, we can heal through understanding, re-experiencing, forgiveness, and love.


When the love of your soul wishes to pour itself through the vehicle of your body, it does it through the heart center. Your heart center is different than your heart organ in that it is not part of your physical body of flesh and bone and instead, is part of your spiritual body of higher vibrating energy and light.

By opening and expanding your heart center you will begin to feel a sense of peace bubbling up from within which will continue to expand into varying degrees of bliss, taking the place of any past feelings or fears of loneliness. You will have a healthy way of dealing with your emotions which will naturally begin attracting the perfect soul mate.
You will begin to have clarity on what you value most through increased intuition and feelings. You will be in the moment without trying to control a situation and will realize a new state of happiness and unconditional love which will naturally begin opening the way for attracting a soul mate which has these same qualities.


This session will help you get really clear on what qualities and characteristics you want your soul mate to have. You will learn how to manifest the things you want by sending them out into the universe as a powerful energetic reality which will attract this special person into your life, while being able to accept their love on every level of your being.


This session is one of my favorites since you will be journeying into the future on a hypnotic timeline in order to meet your soul mate and explore what a relationship might be like with this person. You will discover what lessons and higher purposes it has, as well as discover how far in the future this meeting is and the interesting events that brought you together, without fear and without hesitation.

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