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If you will provide Don with the issue that you would like help with, He will provide an intuitive determination of the distance healing service that is necessary. The same goes for an office visit. If you do not get Don on the telephone right away please be patient as he is with a client or on other calls and will get back to you at his earliest convenience. If your need is urgent, please specify it in your message or your email. Don will explain to you what he thinks is the best treatment for you, at no charge. If you're interested in having a healing, a time will be set up. For more information about the services, please see the HEALING PROCESS on the Healing/Hypnosis page.


Many clients think that I am going to wave a watch back and forth and say, “Go into deep sleep,” and they will instantly lose consciousness. This is far from the case and is primarily just a stereo type that Hollywood has created around hypnosis. I use several methods when it comes to helping clients get the results that they want. I use various forms of visualization, guided imagery, cognitive psychology, soul psychology, as well as eastern and western spirituality. Many people don’t realize that much of hypnotherapy is just a westernized version of many of the mind, body, and spiritual concepts that have been mastered thousands of years ago in the east. In my practice I use this knowledge in order to give people the best opportunities to make the changes that they want on the deepest levels possible, so that they can make changes at the core level of their being rather than just removing symptoms of their behaviors that will shape-shift and come around as some other symptom further down the road.

I believe that each person is a multi- layered consciousness that requires special care when it comes to identifying each of the emotional and mental blocks which prevent them from leading the life they were meant to live. I have found that each person requires a certain understanding of the relationship between their mind, body, and Spirit in order to fully make the dynamic changes that they initially come to me for. It is because of this that I like to educate people on their entire being rather than just one small part such as their subconscious or unconscious mind. If people are willing to see their reality from the many different levels of who they are, then they can begin working towards healing on the deepest levels possible in a balanced and integrated way.

There are many cases in which clients just want to deal with their issues on the physical level without getting into anything spiritually oriented, which is perfectly fine also. Using standard hypnosis on the subconscious level can produce great results with issues such as fears and phobias as well as various habits. In these cases I am always ready to zero in with laser like accuracy and remove the specific triggers which are causing people their problems. The main difference here is whether or not a client wants to address their life on deeper levels for optimum growth.

Like any other form of therapy, Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Healing is only as good as the trust between the client and me. Sometimes the level of trust is instantaneously and healing can be very rapid, other times it can take a client a few sessions to fully settle in and give in to the whole process. Either way, each situation always unfolds in the most positive way since both of our intentions are geared towards healing. I love what I do and there’s nothing better than seeing someone unfold into the light. No two people heal the same way and everyone has great blessings just waiting around the corner for them to discover.

Many times people think that when they are in deep hypnosis they will experience some magical, mysterious state, which will be completely transforming on all levels of their being. I am here to tell you that this HAS been the case during some sessions but it is NOT guaranteed. In truth I never really know what blessings will come each person’s way but I do know that they will arrive sooner or later, so long as a person has a willing spirit, open mind, and the desire to change.

Hypnosis is an entirely natural state that lies between alertness and sleep. People access this state at varying levels all throughout the day. I have broken down the main levels of hypnosis into the following numbers below.

Level 1: This stage is like daydreaming. You are completely aware of your surroundings and can carrying on a conversation while you’re under. Your ability to visualize and imagine is clearer. Afterwards you remember everything that happened and you don’t feel tired or groggy.

Level 2: You will feel more relaxed with a deeper level of concentration. Your mind will begin to slow down and new ways of looking at things will begin to enter, as well as answers to life’s questions. Visual images will become clearer and you will have greater insight into your life’s issues. You will still be aware of your surroundings, although you may lose track of time. You may notice that you feel lighter, more expansive, and more suggestible. You won’t feel disoriented, spacey, or zoned out.

Level 3: In this state, your busy mind is completely free of any distractions and you are able to enjoy true peace of mind. You may have spontaneous amnesia, and not remember what happened, and rationalize later that you were asleep. This is a deep and enjoyable place where a person is at their most suggestible and their subconscious mind is most active. After repeated visits to this depth a person can begin to maintain a more calm and relaxed mind in their waking state. A person may dip in and out of sleep when they are in this state and afterwards they may feel that they have had taken a relaxing nap.

It is not always necessary for a person to achieve a level 3 depth in order to make healing changes. Many people get results from hypnotherapy without even feeling like they were hypnotized when they were under. There are many factors which determine what level of depth and healing a person is able to attain. The basic breakdown is that I do 25% of the work, the client does 25% and Spirit is in charge of the other 50%. I never argue with Spirit since it always has a way of giving the client exactly what they need.

Most people can be hypnotized if they want to be. It’s kind of like a game were you can either play along or sit on the side lines and watch. Although, even if you’re willing to play along it doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to achieve a level 3 state of depth. Some people are just too tightly wound and have too many control issues in order to allow such a wonderful thing to happen. In these cases, they just need to have desire and patience and they will eventually get there. As always, I take absolutely no credit for any of the healings that transpire. I am just the vehicle that leads people to the place where they can experience whatever healing changes they are ready for at that particular time.


$200 per session.

I do have a sliding scale as I try to accommodate everyone!

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