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At an early age we try to avoid pain by seeking pleasure. As we get older the focus of our senses continues it's search for happiness and we find ourselves as young adults eating food that's too sweet, drinking too much, working too much, shopping too much, smoking, experimenting with drugs, having too much sex, gossiping, etc. As we grow older our need for instant gratification becomes stronger and stronger and what once was just a thought turns into a desire, which turns into a habit and then an addiction, which becomes a groove in our psyche which we just can’t seem to shake. By learning how to meditate, we can begin pulling our senses away from instant gratification or "matter consciousness" and begin burning away all those grooves in our psyche. Through meditation we also gain greater wisdom and intuition which we can then use in our daily lives as "mental discernment" so that we can make decisions which will keep us serving our true self and it's ever peaceful state rather than our senses which long to get us tangled up in life. The famous Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda said it best: “When the mind is vacant it likes to become moody and when we become moody we tend to begin indulging in behaviors and habits that are less becoming. Therefore, develop creative thinking. Whenever you are not active physically, do something creative in your mind. Keep it so busy on things that are positive that you have no time to go bottom out in moodiness and the back slide of giving into your senses and instant gratification. Moods are a disease that eats away at the peace of your soul. This is why the moody man cannot get away from his troubles and habit forming mind. Never give up winning the battle with your mind, your negative thoughts and habits were not meant to conquer you but to only make your realize how much stronger you are by overcoming them.”


Emotion is energy. You could say that every person on the planet is learning how to move out of this energy, to control and distance themselves away from their emotional body. This does not mean that you should work on being a robot that is devoid of feeling, but the feelings that one has can be in a detached way. You still have love, compassion and all other feelings but it is without an agenda, conditions, or manipulations. How does one get to this state? Through meditation, a person can begin to silence the mind with all of its razor thoughts that distract us away from our spirit and its everlasting state of peace.
Meditation is truly the quickest way of reclaiming the state of well being that each of us longs for. Happiness has never been something that is found outside of us since the gold mine has been inside of us all along. Through simple meditations we can achieve a state of consciousness that enables us to release old emotions, negative thought patterns, clutter, bad feelings, past behaviors, guilt, depression, self-pity, stress, fear, anxiety, nervousness, etc.
How does meditation do all this?
Meditation is a science of merging ones own consciousness with spirit. When we close our eyes and slowly begin silencing the mind, we are pulling back all of our five senses from the chaos of the world and its constant battle to get our attention. Through silencing the mind we allow our spirit to come out from hiding and begin manifesting in our lives. First as a sense of calmness, then peace, then an unbelievable sense of bliss that continues to expand and never gets old. This is what we then take into the world as our true self state. We are more in the moment, we wake up happy every day and we’re no longer moody nor or we on the roller coaster ride of our emotions.


The Violet Flame Meditation is perhaps the most powerful spiritual tool for achieving relief from stress and anxiety as well as attaining full on self-realization. I’ve personally seen many people make a complete internal make-over through the continued use of the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame’s unique healing abilities can help you in all areas of your life. It can heal emotional and physical problems, improve relationships, and help you to grow spiritually, or just make you feel good in life.
Where the Violet Flame comes from
The color violet has always had the highest frequency in the visible spectrum of light and has long been associated with spirituality. But as part of a special spiritual dispensation, the Violet Flame was only released to the public earlier this century by an Ascended Master called Saint Germain. Ascended Masters are enlightened spiritual beings who went through all of life’s trials and tribulations just like you and me but through much work on themselves they have balanced their karma, or transcended their negative issues and fulfilled their reason for being. They then ascended, or reunited with God. Some of the most well known Ascended Masters are Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha and Krishna.

- What the Violet Flame Does

Have you ever wished that all of your fears, phobias, negative behaviors, and mistakes could all of a sudden vanish into thin air? The Violet Flame can actually do this through the process of transmutation, where negative energy is turned into positive energy, darkness into light, “fate” into opportunity. The Violet Flame also has the ability to literally erase the negative karma that we have created in the past through our errant use of free will.
The impersonal law of karma states that whatever our past actions have been, whether they are good or bad will come back to us full circle until we are able to confront and transcend all of our imperfections. As a general rule, most people work towards balancing their karma by adopting a selfless attitude towards living life and helping others. Others balance their negative karma through diseases and other forms of personal suffering, which are just outer manifestations of unbalanced mental, emotional, and spiritual states. But through the use of the Violet Flame the process of transcending these old karma’s is rapidly increased since it is able to transmute, mitigate, or burn up all our negative karma before we have to face it. In other words, it’s like a get out of jail for free card, except that you have to do a little work to get it.

- How the Violet Flame Works

The Violet Flame works by changing our “vibrations.” On the atomic level, vibration is basically the rate in which the electrons orbit around the nucleus of the atom. When we have anger, hatred, doubt or fear- it lowers the rate of our vibration and slows down the speed of your electrons to the place where you cannot repel destructive feelings. The Violet Flame allows you to burn away these old energies and transforms them into light, which will speed up the vibration of your atoms to their normal healthy state.
When you have a higher vibration, your spiritual energy will increase, enabling you to transmute old energies and repel any negative energy from affecting you in life. The Violet Flame frees up these old energies and restores you to your true self state of ever new peace and joy.

- How to meditate with the Violet Flame

You can sit up straight in a chair or lye down on your back, if you know you won't fall asleep. Begin visualizing a Violet Flame or a Violet Light floating around in front of you. It can be any shape or size, you can decide.
Begin inhaling the Violet Flame through your nose and move it around inside your head. Notice if there are any darkened areas and release them by exhaling out smoke. Make sure your breaths are nice and full. (If you’re worried about taking deep breaths, make sure you contact a physician.) Direct the flame down your neck, to your arms, into your lungs, stomach, legs and feet. Go through your entire body doing this and then relax your breath to whatever is most comfortable and begin imagining your body as nothing but light, no bones, and no flesh, just light. Visualize this light expanding all around you and creating a force field, which will protect you and strengthen your energy field. You can do this for as many minutes as you would like.
Keep your focus upward, as if you were looking out through your eyebrows, AKA your “third eye.” Observe what thoughts are going through your head but don’t react to them, just keep drawing your mind back to the Violet Flame or Violet Light. Your mind will try to fight you with restlessness since it doesn’t want to give up all the busyness that you’ve programmed it with, but don’t let it boss you around. Instead, just pretend that you’re a really bad photographer and whenever you notice a distracting thought or image taking shape, just begin overexposing it with light, so that nothing but peace will be developed in the photo shop of your mind.


Q- What if I can’t visualize a Violet Flame or Violet Light?
A-If this is the case, just concentrate on having a positive intention with each new breath. Such as saying silently to yourself, “I uplift myself with love and light,” or “I inhale energies of abundance and joy,” and then enjoy the intake of oxygen as it expands inside of you. Oxygen is always removing poisonous carbons from the blood stream, so take in nice full breaths in order to oxygenate your self. Your breaths, coupled with positive intentions are an equation that can’t loose so long as your desire for change stays consistent.
This is what it is meant by mind over matter. By using your mind to bring more light into your body, you will begin to rise up from "matter consciousness" and all the pitfalls that your senses used to get lost in because of the lower vibration you were at.

Q- If I'm no longer stuck in "matter consciousness" will I lose everything I've worked so hard for in life and will I even feel like doing the things I used to do?
A-When we raise our consciousness through meditation we are able to do all of the positive things we have always done but we are able to enjoy them much more. Food taste better, good company is more fulfilling, a sunny day becomes overwhelming. We integrate these same feelings with work and are able to float over the pitfalls that used to drag us down and are able to remain productive and joyous throughout.

Q-What if I have trouble meditating?
A-The major road block for people discovering their true state of happiness and peace is that they allow their restful thoughts to win the battle for mental silence and they give in. It can be very helpful for a beginner to go to a healer or someone who can do guided meditations with them in order to give them a much needed push in the right direction. This is what I do and it has helped many people from all walks of life, calm their scattered mind and rise up from the emotional roller coaster of their daily life into the true self state of happiness and well being that they were meant to live.


Another great meditation that should be done with regularity is the cleansing and balancing of your 7 chakras. Your chakras are the major vortexes of energy that correspond to the different energies and emotions in your life. If your chakras have never been cleaned through the use of your mental energies, while in meditation, then your energetic body can be likened to an instrument that is out of tune, which will definitely affect your overall mood and physical well being.
The ultimate goal is to have every chakra wide open and operating at its highest function and vibration, while at the same time being connected to the energies of the earth. Each chakra needs to be balanced, energized, and properly spinning. Whenever all of the charka’s are properly tuned and functioning in unison the entire energetic vibration of a person’s body will be raised up and attain a new level of well being.

Unbalanced and Blocked Chakras = life issues and illness
If all of your chakras are not vibrating or spinning properly then you will be unable to raise the collective consciousness of your physical, emotional, and mental body to a higher spiritual level. Many times imbalances in our chakras are brought into this life from our past lives. Since your spirit is your true identity, any imbalance in its chakra system will just carry over into your physical body as emotional, mental, or physical imbalance and then into your life. Almost all illness is caused by poor chakra health.

When your chakras are blocked or spinning slowly, then your life force becomes weak and you lose your spiritual connection. You may feel depressed or have low energy, unable to think clearly, nervousness, and anxiety. You may get angry easily, fearful, lack self- confidence, overcompensate, feel irritable, and have a negative outlook for no reason. You may feel that you have no control over your mind and your emotions. All of these are indications of core problems that reside at the chakra level.

The good news is that whenever you do have chakra imbalances that it is just a spiritual test for you to realize that you are completely capable of raising our life force and spiritual energies up to their next healthiest state in order to fix this problem. Don’t be stuck in a reality that is anything short of perfect health and was never meant to be yours anyway. Practice the chakra healing meditation and let your body be the instrument it was created to be.

Also, you will know when an issue is totally cleared when you experience a release on all levels; physical (you will actually feel it in your physically body), emotionally (usually this means doing some crying), mentally (understanding why this happened and what you needed to learn from it), and spiritually (feeling it transmuted into pure unconditional love). Everyone can heal on this level and it is truly what every obstacle in a person’s life is leading up to.


Start off by visualizing a red bowl resting on your lower abdomen, near the base of your spine. This is your “root chakra,” the center of your patience, structure, stability and security. As you inhale, visualize that light is actually coming into this area of your body and begin cleaning this bowl much like your washing dishes. Scrub the bowl inside and out making sure that all areas have been cleaned of any darks spots or rough areas. Then begin polishing up the bowl until it’s a bright and glowing ruby red. Then imagine that there is light filling up the bowl and moving clockwise, as if someone were looking down onto your body. Visualize this light moving faster and faster as it begins spiraling wider and wider out into the world.

Next, shift your focus upward about three inches and begin visualizing and imagining an orange bowl resting on top of you. This is your “sacral chakra,” the regulator of your sexuality, sensuality, pleasure and abundance. Start out by observing if you notice any darkened areas or imperfections in the bowl and begin cleaning and repairing them as you exhale out the darkened areas. Polish the bowl and repeat the same steps listed above for the root chakra.
The next chakra is your “solar plexus,” which is yellow and makes up all aspects of our personality, ego, self-esteem and self worth. Repeat steps listed above.
Next, concentrate on your heart region and begin visualizing and imagining a green bowl at the center of your chest. This is your “heart chakra,” which contains the energies of love, peace, purity and innocence. Repeat steps listed above.
Shift your focus to your throat where your Adam’s apple is. Visualize a blue bowl. This is your “throat chakra,” which regulates the clarity of your communications regarding truth and individuality. Repeat steps listed above.
Move your attention to the area between your two eyes. This is your “third eye chakra,” which is the seat of your intuition, wisdom and discernment. Repeat steps listed above.
Each of the chakras are important and must be fully opened and healthy in order to raise your bodies vibration to a healthy state, but the “third eye” is especially important, since it is your visual link to the higher astral realms were you will enjoy taking in healing light which will uplift you.
When Jesus said that “If thy eye be made single then the whole body will be full of light,” he was referring to the third eye and how it is a gateway for the highest vibrations of astral light to enter into the body and burn away all elements of the lower mind and ego. Once your “third eye” is opened you may see an actual eye staring back at you or you’ll just see a large circle with a blue ring around it.
When your “third eye” is closed you are a prisoner of your own intellect but when you finally wear down those gross vibrations of energy, through the use of the Violet Light, you will feel your connection to spirit in a way that you always new was there but were kept from experiencing because of all the veils of energy that you put up. You will see and understand that all the problems in the world are just a massive amount of people stuck in their lower mind, completely separated from their Source, creating a mass consciousness of anger, fear and greed.
As soon as you’re finished with your “third eye chakra,” move your attention to the top of your head. This is your “crown chakra,” which extends off the top of your head into the etheric realms. It is the divine channel that enables you to climb the ladder to higher consciousness, love and spiritual healing.
Once you’ve cleaned all of your chakras, visualizing a pillar of light coming down through the top of your head all the way through your body. Continue with your breathing and give thanks to the love and light of God and ask that it be with you always in everything that you do.
The ultimate goal is to have every chakra wide open and operating at its highest function and vibration, while at the same time being connected to the energies of the earth.

In conclusion, you can visualize a golden light surrounding you like a force field that extends many feet in every direction. Surrounding this force field, visualize violet fire burning and transmuting any negative energy that comes in your path.


If you’re in a rush but you need to tune yourself up, just visualize and imagine each chakra as a ball of white light that you spin clockwise and just spend a couple of minutes going through all of them.


ROOT CHAKRA/ RED= Located at the base of the spine. Represents patience, structure, stability, and security. Being positive and open to possibilities strengthens the root. Enables us through patience and presence to see our dreams come true. Gives you stability to know what you want.

SACRAL CHAKRA/ ORANGE= Located just below the stomach. Controls our physical health and well-being, focuses life force into building a strong immune system. Other qualities of this chakra are sexuality, sensuality, pleasure and abundance. To know that what you are and what you do are enough.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA/ YELLOW= Located at the bottom of your rib cage or solar plexus. Makes all aspects of our personality, ego, self-esteem and self worth. This energy can be utilized to create personal power. This power can express itself in any situation and guides us through the maze of resistance and opposition placed in our path to help us grow and mature.

HEART CHAKRA/ GREEN= Contains the energies of love, peace, purity and innocence. Centering in love gives our life purpose and meaning. By opening, we accept oneness in life. Through loving we radiate the joy of being.

THROAT CHAKRA/ BLUE= By honoring, we commit to consciously expressing our truth and individuality as well as integrity and creativity. Shuts down from grief and unexpressed feelings of anger and fear.
BROW CHAKRA (AKA THIRD EYE) PURPLE= Houses our wisdom, discernment, imagination, intuition and knowledge. You are limitless.

CROWN CHAKRA/ WHITE= This chakra extends off the top of the head into the etheric realms. This is the divine channel and once it’s activated enables you to climb the ladder to higher consciousness, love and spiritual healing.

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