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What if you no longer had any fears or phobias? What if you had more confidence and follow through for all of those amazing goals that you want to accomplish? Or could feel more calm and relaxed by removing anxiety and nervousness? What if you could lower your heart rate or blood pressure? I’ve seen clients use the benefits of hypnosis to do everything from reverse chronic illnesses to manifesting the new house that they want.
You can do all these things and more using the amazing powers of hypnosis. Your entire state of being is a balance between your mental, emotional, physical, and Spiritual body. Hypnotherapy is a perfect tool that can be used to identify and remove old energies and negative beliefs that keep you from living the life you want to live. We think with our conscious mind. We reason with it, we make decisions with it. It is the portion of the mind with which we are most familiar, and yet, it is only a small part of the total mind. The larger and more powerful sub-conscious runs our lives, imperceptibly, in many of our behaviors emotions, attitudes and motivations. From childhood, memories and experiences are set by our subconscious into life patterns, which may set ceilings on our beliefs, and prevent us from attaining our goals. It's no wonder so many attempts to overcome poor habits are doomed to failure - the conscious mind is no match for the power of the subconscious! Hypnosis allows you to tap into your subconscious mind and use its power to help you change your life!

• Stop Smoking
• Control weight and eating disorders
• Eliminate sleep problems
• Stress Management
• Master Public Speaking
• Overcome Anxiety
• Overcome Learning Difficulties
• Enhance Sports Performance
• Control Pain
• Break Bad Habits
• Enhance Relationships

What is Hypnosis?

When the brain reaches a certain state that it is both relaxed and focused, this is called hypnosis. In this state a person’s brain is more suggestible. This has been discovered on brain scans for people undergoing hypnosis and it is a completely natural state of mind. Once a person is guided into this deeper state they are able to by-pass the conscious mind and all of its busy thoughts and access the subconscious mind where they can take in positive suggestions for the reprogramming of their conscious mind.
Every one of us takes in both positive and negative suggestions all throughout our life. As we get older these suggestions play out on our own inherent weaknesses and depending on the state of our own belief system, usually one side ends up winning over the other. The ultimate goal of hypnotherapy is to counteract all of the negative programming that a person has absorbed over a lifetime with a whole new slate of positive programming in the form of positive suggestions.
For instance, if you feel like you have bad follow through, or believe that you can’t finish what you set out to accomplish… maybe it is partly due to your constant reinforcement of negative thinking which goes something like this:
I just don’t have what it takes to do things right.
I’m so bad when it comes to finishing things.
I’m just not smart enough to do things the right way.
My mind just can’t concentrate on what needs to be done.
These are some suggestions, which are just like some of the suggestions that I would give you during a session in my office. Notice how positive they are since this will be exactly what helps you overcome whatever is holding you back.
You improve on what you’re doing every day.
You are very good when it comes to following through on things and every thing you do is done to completion.
You are extremely intelligent when you allow yourself to be creative. Your creativity is what fuels your follow through.
Your mind is getting sharper and it’s able to concentrate with laser like focus.
Giving people positive suggestions is just one of the tools that are used to help someone achieve the healing they need. I also use guided imagery, which is were people visualize and imagine themselves conquering their fears or manifesting whatever situation it is that they want in life. It has been a proven fact that whatever you visualize and imagine being real has the same physiological effect on your body and mind as if it were happening right in front of you. I love guided imagery and I’ve seen it work wonders on people’s lives, especially people in the entertainment industry who always have to put themselves in front of people while appearing relaxed. I had one client that wanted to write and produce a play but he didn’t know where to get started. After having him visualize and imagine that he had already written the play, he was so convinced of his abilities to follow through with its completion that he not only wrote and produced a hit Broadway play, but he also starred in it. The person is Brian Fogel and his play is called “Jewtopia” which is now being turned into a book and a movie.

Can Hypnosis make changes on the physical level?

Hypnosis can change internal and external conditions just the same. Your subconscious mind and your life force are extremely powerful and once they are accessed correctly there is nothing that you can’t influence the condition of. This includes the quality of your organ function, immune system, bones, joints, muscles, blood flow, skin condition, organ size, etc.
Your body is constantly reproducing new cells – it does this automatically. Every seven years your body completely replaces every one of its cells. Whenever someone’s body is lacking in any area, it is because on some level a person holds the belief that their body cannot produce the right conditions for health. Hypnotherapy can be used to jumpstart a person’s life force in order to create the optimum conditions for health. It can help you begin rebuilding you’re your health from the inside out in the most natural and effective way possible.
Don’t let negative thoughts and an unhealthy belief system run your life off into a ditch. Take inventory of where you’re at in life and know that whatever you want to change can be accomplished by the immense intelligence and power of your own mind along with the help of a good hypnotherapist or healer to lead you along the way.
Simply put, if you decide that your going to be well, and focus your mind on recovering, focus your life force on energizing your immune system, and give your spirit the permission to work in your life for your highest benefit, you will probably get well pretty quick. Everyone knows someone that always complains about how sick they are. You can make yourself sick and not even realize that you are the one to blame. People do this all the time under the foolish notion that they will not have to suffer for something else that they did in their life. Basically it’s the negative ego’s way of keeping itself in power and not allowing your true self and your Spirit to be the commanding force in you life. This can all be reversed of course and in the process a person can realize that all of their health ailments and negative life conditions where never meant to conquer them, but instead were just tests which they created in order to ultimately overcome through the immense power of their life force and Spirit.
I’ve had numerous knee surgeries and used to have debilitating knee pains, the kind that would keep me off my feet for an entire day. Using hypnotherapy and spiritual healing, I have made a complete turnaround and I believe that my joints, ligaments, cartilage, muscle, and bone have all healed tremendously and continue to strengthen on a daily basis. I thought I would never be able to ski again after recovering from a few surgeries I had but after digging in with hypnotherapy, guided imagery, and some of the other spiritual tools I have, I have been skiing every year without any problems. There’s no way that this would have been possible if I didn’t practice what I preach.
Feeling great and having a healthy and productive life isn’t just for a few special people. The kind of life you have is completely based on the kind of thoughts that you fill your mind with and how you allow them to influence your state of consciousness. I urge you to ask yourself- Are you happy with your life? Are you getting the right results for all of the hard work that you put into you life? Are you happy with the relationships that you create? Are you making enough money to be satisfied? If you are unhappy with any part of your life then you are already a success - a success at creating unhappiness. In order to create a truly successful life it takes the same amount of energy, it just needs to be redirected into a different area.
Once you have the desire to change – the right books will come to you, the right teachers will present themselves and the right healers will come across your path in order to show you how to unlock your hidden potential. Everything is right in front of you. If you think you’re ready to find yourself and all of the wonderful gifts that lye hidden beneath the many veils that have been put up along the way, then I urge you to find a hypnotherapist/ spiritual healer that can get you moving in the right direction.

“Don is an Ascended Master who knows exactly what you need to do in order to manifest God’s Abundance readily. The time I shared with him helped me get straight to the point and my life has flourished ever since!”

Mike Perlin
(Executive Producer, Writer and Director Of “The 3 Magic Words,” a Spiritual Dispensation Film Starring Neale Donald Walsch, Author Of ‘Conversations With God.”)

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