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Would you like to make more money?

-Have you tried to change your mental state in order to manifest more abundance but keep falling into the same old patterns?
-Do you have the work ethic and abilities to create success but always seem to fall short?
-Do you feel you’ve lost your financial flow in life or that you’ve never had financial flow to begin with?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you are ready to begin breaking down all of your mental, emotional, subconscious, and spiritual barriers and begin manifesting the financial abundance you deserve.

It is no mystery that certain people attract money making opportunities while others just seem to keep missing the boat. Simply put, the more a person is connected to their soul, the easier it will be for them to express their true creativity in life and attract the right opportunities for financial success.

This powerful CD set contains four amazing sessions which will help anyone free their mind, remove their financial blocks and begin manifesting the financial abundance they deserve.


What keeps people from achieving financial success is deeply rooted in their upbringing. For many people, they learn at a young age certain extremes about money, either that it can never provide happiness or that it can buy happiness, that it is the root of all evil, or that the only way to make money is by working extremely hard to the point of becoming a workaholic. When a person has taken in negative suggestions regarding money or has had negative experiences with money that were never fully resolved, a portion of the individual’s subconscious and psyche is continuing to deal with an issue that has long since disappeared. These past issues may emerge as fear of success, self sabotage, lack of follow through, and unworthiness, just to name a few. If not dealt with properly, these issues will create enough resistance to a person’s financial flow.

By using hypnosis, we are able to fully remember why we have issues with money and then, we can confront and transcend their importance, releasing the stuck pattern of energies. By going back to the past we can find the root causes of our issues with money, and once found, we can heal through understanding, re-experiencing, and forgiveness of ourselves and others that may have contributed to this pattern. Often, by remembering the triggering event or experiences from the past, we are given understanding, which may be all that is necessary for us to experience closure and move on.


Throughout our lives, we take in many subconscious associations regarding money. You may have taken on the belief that money doesn’t buy happiness and that it is evil, that people who have it are arrogant snobs, that it causes pain and tears people’s families apart, or that you are undeserving of financial success in the first place. You may have taken on the belief that you need to work eighty hours a week and that nothing comes easy in life because life is hard. Most of the reasons for creating subconscious blocks to money are not known on the conscious level, but once a person digs a little deeper through proper healing work, they will find that there is always a root cause for why they have lack of money in their lives.

Once a person takes in a negative suggestion regarding money or otherwise, the thought immediately begins creating negative energy, contaminating the persons overall state of consciousness. If not removed through proper healing work, the negative energy will begin splintering off into other issues and disparaging thoughts. On a deeper level, it is the negative energy created from these thought patterns that ultimately blocks a person from their connection to their soul’s boundless creativity and abilities to manifest whatever a person needs most in their life, including money.

Once a person begins removing the negative energy from their consciousness, they will find that their soul will begin naturally expressing itself in their life by creating powerful motivating beliefs. The person’s abilities to imagine and visualize success will become effortless, as will the ability of their subconscious to accept it as real. They will realize that their ability to create financial abundance is a natural part of their life and that it happens without any second thoughts.


When a person unconsciously uses the past to “prove” they can’t create financial abundance in the present, the future will end up being no different. It takes a positive and creative imagination for a person to begin moving forward to opening the way to becoming wealthy. When you visit your future on a hypnotic timeline and experience your life full of happiness, success, and financial abundance, you will feel a renewed sense of self-confidence that you can make this possible scenario actually come true. You will feel a deeper connection to your creativity and will have a better understanding as to how to get there.

The greatest thing about looking into your future is that your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. When your subconscious mind experiences your financial success and happiness, it will hold onto those images as actual beliefs which will drive your creativity forward, matching you with your future scenario, without fear, and without hesitation.

In addition to looking at your future success, you will also have the ability to speak with your future self in an effort to find out information as to better achieve this successful reality. You can ask your future self anything you want. You’ll be surprised at how wise and helpful the answers will be.


Many people have the best intentions of succeeding in life and even the greatest work ethic, but due to a lack of imagination and creativity, they end up falling short of manifesting on the material level. On a soul level, each person is inherently creative in their own unique way. When we tap into our soul through healing work, this creativity becomes completely natural and functions as a well spring for our abilities to manifest whatever we need. When our connection to our soul is blocked due to negative thinking and emotional baggage, then our creativity becomes stifled and we end up in a never- ending cycle of doubting our creativity and having lack of abundance. When we learn how to effectively use our imagination and visualizations, our creativity can be anything we want it to be. Creative thinking is an art that can be easily developed by anyone. If you don’t like the reality you’re creating, all you have to do is modify what thoughts you’re putting out into the Universe.
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