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Would you like to stop wasting time and energy on procrastination and begin diverting it back to what’s most important in your life?
-Is procrastination keeping you from moving ahead in life?
-Do you sabotage your efforts and hate yourself for being lazy?
-Don't you feel overwhelmed by the small tasks in life?
-Have you made continuous promises to yourself to stop putting things off but you continue to fall into your old patterns of neglect?
-Do you feel frustrated, guilty and exhausted because of how much energy you put towards diverting your self from your follow through?

Procrastination is a bad habit that is ingrained in the subconscious mind which effects many people in life from accomplishing the tasks that they need to get done in order to lead a healthy and anxiety free life.
It may seem hard for you to imagine a time in your life where you’re subconscious and your conscious mind are in agreement and working harmoniously together but this is the case. This CD Set will help you to know that procrastination was never meant to destroy your happiness and ability to get things done but that it was only a test which you created in order to realize how strong you are at overcoming it.

Stop the self-sabotage pattern and actually love the feeling and thrill of getting things done!
This CD Set contains four powerful life-changing sessions including:


You will go back to the past in this life or others in order to find out when you first started creating thoughts of procrastination in order to remove the past mental and emotional tendencies which still exist within your consciousness.


You will have the opportunity to remove any negative attachments to people, places and things which will help you take back your power, free up your energies and strengthen your will power in order to be more motivated and proactive in the present.


This amazing session will help connect you to cosmic energies that will uplift you in order to regain your positive mental powers and overcome the negative thinking which leads to procrastination. You will feel an urgency to follow through with what is most important in your life as if there is a motivating force that is pushing you from behind.


This session will help you be more organized and efficient by creating specific goals that are measurable and achievable with a set deadline. You will then be guided into having the most successful week of motivation and follow through that you’ve ever had which your subconscious mind will except as a new pattern of success which will begin manifesting in your reality as greater motivation and follow through. You will see yourself as very organized, efficient and energetic while integrating and activating all these aspects into your physical waking life.

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