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Don’s work with the archangels and angels is done on a non-denominational basis in order to help a person better heal and integrate themselves in all aspects of their life. Working with the angels can help a person get the necessary divine guidance they need in order to make important decisions and gain closer contact to their spirit and their Source. Everyone has guardian angels that are just waiting to be of more assistance in their lives. These most beautiful beings of love and light perform God’s will and are capable of bringing amazing changes in our minds, bodies, emotions, finances, family, relationships and others. Angel healing works on many levels and in many ways. You may ask for healing for yourself or for others including children and animals. Be open for healing to come in unexpected ways! Sometimes you will experience an immediate improvement of the problem, sometimes ideas will pop into your mind for practical steps you can take to help yourself. The angels will work in the way that suits you and your situation best. Modern science likes to doubt the existence of angels, but to many people they exist and have made themselves known in meditations, healing session, dreams, and even waking life. The reason why most people are unable to see, hear or record their presence is because they exist on a higher vibrational frequency than we do which is more etheric in nature.
During my angel healing sessions, clients are guided to a deeper place within themselves where contact with their angels is made possible due to the heightened state of consciousness that their in. It is in this relaxed state that a person can look, listen, and open up their hearts in order for the angels to manifest themselves with a clarity that requires no proof. You will know that angels are always with you and they exist. Being skeptical can be one of the biggest blocks to achieving higher consciousness and a renewed sense of self. Having an open and inquisitive mind is always the key to love, wisdom, and enlightenment.
Angels and Archangels are constantly with us in our every day lives and are always available to guide and protect us – the only problem is that people have the free will to accept or reject their help. A person must make the first move in order for the angels to begin working more closely in a person’s live.

Once a person begins working with their angels during healing sessions, meditations, and prayers, the angels will then begin assisting the person with healing energies, knowledge and abundance. The angels can help out with anything that you ask them, which is why it is always good to be specific with what you want. I am constantly amazed at their ability to influence the physical realm and make things run more smoothly for those that ask for help. In my own life they have helped me manifest on every level, from creating an amazing state of well being, strong friendships, physical abundance, and a flow that is so efficient that I know that everything is happening for a reason. By consistently going to your angels for help in your life, you will eventually have what seems like a golden touch, in that everything you do will fall into place and the only thing you need to do is smile and give thanks to these beautiful beings.


Start connecting with your angels early and often. Why wait any longer? Life is short and you need as many people on your team as possible. Whenever you feel sick, lonely, depressed, low energy, and unable to motivate yourself, ask the angels to help you get back on your feet. Ask them for help in developing spiritually or to comfort loved ones in need. You could even ask them to help other people in your life such as doctors and healers, in order to provide you with the best treatment for you condition. You can ask them to help fellow employees, families and friends, so that your relationships are smoother. You can ask them to point you to the right career and books to read. Don’t feel that your bugging them either, they love to help people that ask from the sincerity of their heart. The trick is to never stop asking them for help since it builds momentum in your life that provides for an unshakeable sense of well being and long lasting productivity. Just remember that the more you ask the more you will receive.


For the best results in meeting your angels you can purchase my Angel Meditation CD which is listed on my products page. This CD is based on years of working with clients one on one in order to find out what works best. Try it and I’m sure you’ll find that it leads you to many blessings.

On your own, find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. Just close your eyes and begin visualizing and imagining that you are inhaling a white light. This light will be your connection to your guardian angel. Feel the light going all throughout your head, shoulders, chest, stomach and legs. As you exhale out, release all of the old energies as you make yourself feel lighter.

Visualize that your whole body is nothing but white light, no bones, and no flesh. Continue inhaling this white light and begin asking silently for your guardian angels help in your life. When asking for the help of the angels it is always good to say, “Let not my will be done but let thy will be done.” This lets Spirit and the angels help you with what you need most instead of what you want most.

Visualize a pillar of white light coming into your heart and expanding all throughout your body removing any fears, phobias, or blocks that keep you from living a healthy life. When it comes to performing angel healing on yourself it is usually the distractions of your busy mind that try to disrupt your communications. It can be very helpful to start off by going to a healer that can guide you to a much deeper place than you can most likely get to on your own. This is what I do and it has helped many people make their connection to their angels.


A good way to combat negative thoughts and a restless mind is by repeating affirmations to your self. This can be done either out loud or in silence. It is important to really think about what you are saying and to speak it from you heart since that will produce the best results. You’ll notice that all the affirmations start out with “I AM,” which is actually another word for the Infinite Spirit or God. By saying “I Am,” you are affirming your statements about yourself in the present. Figure out which statements work best for you and do them often since they really work. I enjoy doing them in my meditations since it gives me a nice rush of energy throughout my body.

-I Am open to the angels healing.
-I Am the love and light of my angels.
-I Am protected by my angels light.
-I Am one with my angels love.
-I Am always healing through my angels care.
-I Am my angel’s abundance rising up in me.
-I Am always healthy, whole, and complete.
-I Am guided by angels for all my needs.
-I Am my angel’s strength rising up in me.

"Don: Just want to say many thanks for our Angel session you had with my Family and me. It was quite an experience I certainly won't forget........It was a very spiritual experience. It's nice to know I do have an angel near me....It makes me feel peaceful......Wishing you many rewarding sessions with your clients like you shared with us."
Jane B.

“In meeting my angels, I witnessed all the love that surrounds me and feelings of inner peace and calm.”
Lynn Ann

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