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Includes four amazing sessions that will help you unleash your potential; book work, get an agent, and jump start your career.

"Don’s methods helped clean out the garbage in my life and restored my focus on the goals I have always set for myself. Positive changes happened almost immediately."
- Chelsea Handler
Star of “The Chelsea Handler Show” on E! “Girls Behaving Badly,” “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno

“I had many negative tapes running in my head which were affecting my relationships, my stand up comedy and acting career. After using Don’s methods I released these old patterns and have never felt more healthy and productive in my entire life.”
- Kyle Cease
"Not Another Teen Movie" and "Ten Things I hate About You"

“Don's methods will help any actor get over audition anxiety and be more in the moment. I have seen him help many actors book work.”
- Rick Millikan
Casting Director for "The X Files" and "The Guardian"

Session #1: Removing Core Fears and Negative Emotions

When an actor has a negative experience in regards to acting or otherwise, from the past that was never fully resolved, it’s as though that person has been stuck in a time warp. Unconsciously, a portion of the individual’s psyche is continuing to deal with an issue that has long since disappeared. These issues may emerge as emotions, attachments, physical ailments, unusual fears, anxieties, and nervousness that cannot be readily explained.

When an actor hasn’t released these old issues they will either be partially or completely disconnected from their spirit and its ability to direct them in all that they do. They will feel uncomfortable in their own skin, their emotions will be out of their control, and their acting will rarely be in the moment. Due to this out of balanced state, they will get nervous very easily, forget their lines and overcompensate by making choices that seem forced. To the trained eye, an overall insecurity or neediness will be detected in their personality and their acting work. Fortunately all of this can be changed.

By going back to the past through hypnosis, an actor can find clues which will explain their puzzling behaviors and symptoms. By remembering them they can confront and transcend their importance, and release the stuck pattern of energies. By going back to the past they can find the root causes of they’re issues, and once found they can heal through understanding, re-experiencing, forgiveness and love. This does not have to be complicated either. Sometimes, by remembering the triggering event from the past, they are given understanding, which may be all that is necessary for them to experience closure and move on.

This session will help any actor remove the many layers that keep them from tapping into their true self and spirit, which will help them stay objective and centered while making the best choices in their acting work and their life from moment to moment.

Session #2: Removing Negative Energy

Everything in the Universe is composed of energy and as self conscious beings we are each co-creators in our reality and have a choice as to what energy we choose to align ourselves with. As energy creating machines we are constantly fluctuating due to what choices we make, what we think, speak, see, hear, and read. Not to mention what kind of people we hang around and what situations we gravitate to.

Most people at one time or another have taken on negative energies in their life. It usually happens when we’re not feeling our best and our immune system is worn down. As an actor you run across these energies all the time when you’re doing deep emotional scene work in which you become so empathic to the other person that you actually take on some of their energy and emotions. In clinical terms, this is called transference and once these energies make their way into your energy field, it may cause you to shut down and start feeling self conscious about your work. Later, if these energies are not fully dealt with and released through proper healing work, they can begin sprouting roots in your consciousness, which branch off into various other problems such as unnecessary stress, negative thought patterns, nervousness, anxiety, confusion, doubt, worry, fear, and phobias just to name a few.

This session will help any actor release the negative energy that keeps an actor from feeling their best in life and performing to their fullest potential. When these energies are fully removed an actor will feel more in the moment with their performing and will have a greater connection to their true self and spirit.

Session #3: The Perfect Audition

Many actors are capable of doing brilliant work in class and they can even do great work once they’re on a set but when it comes down to auditioning for most jobs they simply fall to pieces. Actors fail at auditioning for a number of reasons which include, self sabotage, fear of success, negative thought patterns, nervousness, and anxiety, just to name a few.

In this session you will see and feel yourself being the confident and fearless actor that you always new you were capable of. You will visualize and imagine yourself having the most successful audition, while moving past all of your old obstacles.

Session #4: Starring In Your Dream Movie

Acting is perhaps the most competitive business on the planet. Every month thousands of young hopefuls move to Los Angeles in an effort to try to break into show business. With this much competition, it’s not enough to just wish for success and hope that everything will work out.

Since seeing is believing, this session is dedicated entirely to having you see and feel exactly what its like to be starring in the movie of your dreams in order to help you truly believe that you are worthy of success while also being open to accepting it on every level of your being.

NOTE: It has been a scientifically proven fact that what you imagine and visualize being real has the same physiological effect on you, as if you were actually perceiving it, right in front of you.

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