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Don Boland is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Healer, and Clairvoyant, who has helped many people in the entertainment industry and in all walks of life, begin manifesting what it is that they truly want in life, whether it be prosperity, health, relationships or otherwise. Fifteen years ago, after personally having a series of life changing breakthroughs using Hypnotherapy and meditation, Don achieved such a heightened state of intuition, peacefulness and overall state of well being, that he decided he wanted to show other people how they can achieve this same state themselves, as well as showing people how to co-create their reality and open up to a whole new level of abundance that they are due by divine right. 
Mr. Boland graduated from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, which is the first accredited school of Hypnotherapy in the U.S. Since then Mr. Boland has incorporated Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Healing together in order to help people get rid of negative thought patterns and life obstacles. Helping people to connect to their true self and spirit, in order to unleash their hidden potential under the notion that "We are all just diamonds that need to be uncovered." (--Paramahansa Yogananda)

Don has helped numerous people all around the country 'uncover the diamond of their soul and higher self,' while raising their consciousness from the negative ego where many of life’s problems are created and back to their true self state of everlasting joy. Mr. Boland's healing methods are natural, soothing and powerful ways to release negative energies and thought-forms to the unconditional love and light of the Creator. In addition to his many lecture appearances, Mr. Boland has been featured on CBS 2, KCAL Channel 9, as well as being showcased as one of Los Angeles's top healers on T.L.C's TV show "That Yin Yang Thing”. 

“Working with Don helped me overcome all obstacles and helped me to realize exactly what I wanted out of my life and career!”

Joe Manganiello
(Executive Producer, Writer, Director, Actor, Comedian and Star Of “Spiderman,” “Magic Mike and “True Blood.””)

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